Hardship Fund

College Hardship Fund

From time-to-time, we know that current students may face unexpected financial hardship due to sudden changes in their circumstances. Such changes can of course cause worry and concern. We'd encourage any St Cross student who finds themselves in financial hardship to discuss their concerns with the College. Please contact our Bursary & HR Administrator, in the first instance.

To support current students, the College operates its own local Hardship Fund and grants and loans are made from this throughout the year. To discuss an application for funding and request the Hardship Application form, please contact our Bursary & HR Administrator.

University Hardship Funds

  • The Oxford Hardship Fund supports all students facing general financial hardship. The College is able to provide assistance to any students who wish to apply for this fund - please contact the Bursary & HR Administrator (bursary.admin@stx.ox.ac.uk).
  • For information and deadlines for applying to this fund, please see the University website and contact the Bursary & HR Administrator for details. 
  • If your query is regarding the Travel and Research Fund, please contact the Academic Registrar.