Academic Skills and Languages Fund

Alongside its study skills programme of sessions and workshops throughout the academic year, the College also provides funding support for students who wish to study a language at the Language Centre as part of their course as well as for additional literacy courses offered by the Language Centre such as one-to-one academic writing tutorials and other academic (or related) skills courses available to students including IT courses, and scientific programming and methods training. Details of two core language course programmes and how to apply for funding from the College are given below.

Fast Track (formerly OPAL) and General & Academic (formerly LASR) language funding support for international students

For students undertaking the Fast Track Course as a requirement of their degree course (with a signature from their supervisor on the form) the College may provide a grant of up to 50% of the total course fees on successful completion of the course. Students who wish to be reimbursed for 50% of the course fees should make an application to the Academic Skills & Languages Fund by Friday of 3rd Week in each term detailing that the language course is necessary for their course of study.

For students undertaking the General & Academic programme, the College may pay 50% of the registration charge per term; again students should apply through the Academic Skills & Languages Fund, also detailing that the language course is necessary for their course of study.

For further details and any queries, please contact the Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes) at

How to apply

All students at St Cross College may apply for one Academic Skills & Languages grant per year (up to a maximum amount of £300) for up to three years of any course on which they are a student at the College.

The Academic Skills & Languages Fund has a maximum overall amount available each term, so applications are judged competitively and not all applications may be successful. Applications received for activities taking place more than four months after the application deadline will not be considered until the next gathered field in the following term.

Applications can be made via this form and should be submitted by 17:00 on Friday of 3rd Week each term (TT24 deadline: Friday 10 May 2024).