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Books in the St Cross Library - The John Moussouris Library - are arranged according to a subject classification called the Dewey Decimal System. It is often used in public libraries so you might have met it before. Within each section they are arranged alphabetically by the author's surname. 

All the books are catalogued on to the union catalogue, OLIS (Oxford Library Information System) and findable via SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online).

There is a self-issue machine there so you can borrow books at any time. The Library has several desks and two large work tables giving 26 study places. New Book and the Display for the Term are on display here. There are also 16 study places in the Breakout Room, where there is a coffee machine and room for group discussions. There is Wifi access for laptops.

The Librarian circulates a monthly list of newly-arrived books, which go on the New Books display, and there is also a termly display of books on a particular topic. 

Users' Guide

The Library may be used by college members ONLY. Other University members and researchers who wish to consult any of the books must apply to do so by contacting the Librarian. College members are allowed to borrow up to 12 books at a time, for a period of four weeks.

Borrowing Books

The library operates a self-issue system which allows readers to check out their own books. On the self-issue terminals follow the instructions that appear on the screen and scan your university card barcode and the barcode inside the front cover of the book when prompted to do so.  All St. Cross College members have been registered on OLIS, the Oxford University Library System. The due date for all items borrowed is one month from the date you issued the item to yourself.

Renewing Books

A week before a book is due back, an e-mail reminder will be sent to you. You can only renew books before the due date and if there is no request for the book from another reader. After the book has been renewed three times it must be returned for the Librarian to see it and check it in and out again. After that it may be renewed a further three times.
This can be done via SOLO, up to three times in a row, from any computer linked to the Internet.

  • In SOLO click on Sign On (Oxford SSO)
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on Continue to Shibboleth Identity Provider
  • Click on My Account (Top right corner)
  • Click on Renew for the title you wish to renew
  • Click on Sign Out

Returning Books

There is a secure returns drop near the entrance to the Library, please put returned books here so that they can be checked in. There is also a secure returns cupboard in the entrance hall on the left next to the glass doors leading into the College.

Library Deposit Box in the Lodge

The Library Deposit Box in the Lodge


Please note that the self-issue machine is for checking out books ONLY. To renew a book, please log in to your SOLO account. To return a book, please put it in a secure returns drop.

The James Currey Collection

In 2017 the College received a complete set of first editions of every book published by the James Currey imprint, a fantastic collection composed mainly of literature on African history and politics. James Currey has been called "The Godfather of African Literature", whose publishing house is responsible for producing a vast amount of academic books, journals, and other literature about Africa. We are very grateful to Wendy James and Douglas Johnson for helping us to secure this collection at St Cross, and to the publishers Boydell and Brewer, who have agreed to provide the St Cross library with every new first edition for at least the next 10 years. This is an exceptional resource which we hope will prove useful to all St Cross members for years to come. Please contact the Librarian Philippa Taney if you would like to access books from the collection, which is housed in the Douglas & Catherine Wigdor Room (opposite the Library).


james currey
Online Resources

You will need your Single Sign-On password to access these.

SOLO - Search Oxford Libraries Online

This link gives access to the union catalogue of Oxford Libraries as well as a wide range of on-line databases.

Electronic Journals

The full list of electronic-access journals available from Oxford University can be found via SOLO. You can download electronic copies of articles, usually in PDF format, if the site tells you that you have full-text access.

Pusey House Library
pusey library

All St Cross members are permitted to use the Library at Pusey House. The Library is open Monday - Friday, 09:30 - 17:25.

The library is one of the largest 19th century theology libraries in Oxford, and holds a collection of international importance of materials relating to the Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism. Other strengths of the collection include: Anglican History; Patristics; Liturgy; Doctrinal Theology. The archive contains extensive material on the Tractarians and the Oxford Movement; Anglo-Catholic Societies; Anglican Religious Orders; and notable Anglo-Catholic individuals.

Further information is available here: 


Law Reports

We have been fortunate to have been gifted a set of Law Reports published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR), Chancery Lane for the years 1865 to 2015. The ICLR reports have been the most authoritative (or 'best report') source for cases in the UK since 1865 (for the hierarchy of case reports, see These reports are housed in the Van Heyningen room and can be consulted by contacting