Fees and Payments

Payment of Course Fees

St Cross College does not work with third party agencies to let accommodations nor transfer money. Be cautious of potential fraudsters claiming to represent, or work as an intermediary, for the College. If ever in doubt, please contact the Academic Office Team. To learn more about online fraud and cyber crime, then please refer to the Thames Valley Police’s dedicated page on the topic.


Course Fees for Self-Funded Students are to be paid in one instalment by Friday 6 October 2023. Students who do not pay fees will be unable to matriculate (formally join the University). You will be issued with an invoice detailing your course fees in September.

If you are funded by a UK Government loan you will be sent a composite fee invoice which will detail your Student Finance Loan. You will pay any balance of fees due not covered by your loan by 6 October 2023. For each term that you receive your loan into your bank account, you will be expected to pay the loan amount into the College bank account. If you are funded by a University Scholarship or Studentship or a College Scholarship which covers 100% of your fees, the College will arrange to contact your Department, and we will arrange the payment of your annual course fees. If your fees are partially funded by either a College or University Scholarship then you will receive an invoice stating the balance of fees that will due to be paid by 6 October 2023.

If you are funded by US Federal Loans, your annual course fees are deducted from your loan in 3 instalments if your course is less than 12 months, or 4 instalments if your course is 12 months or longer.

If your loan covers 100% of fees due, fees will be deducted from each termly loan disbursement and any remaining balance will be paid into your UK bank account.

If your US Federal Loan does not cover 100% of your fees, you will pay the balance of fees due not covered by your loan by 6 October 2023.

Further Information regarding the US Federal Loan Process

For the US Loan process, St Cross College is treated as a foreign school, and the US loan application process may be different to any you have gone through in the past.

The University’s US Loans Team are not automatically notified when a student completes their FAFSA.

In addition to submitting your FAFSA, there are several other steps that you will need you to complete in order to apply for a federal student loan at Oxford.

Please refer to the how to apply tab on the US loans webpage where you can find a step-by-step guide on the actions you will need to complete. Foreign schools are also subject to additional regulations, so you should check the eligibility tab on the University's US Loans webpage to see if your course is eligible for US federal funding before applying. Please note that the St Cross College Code is G08394 (University Code).

Once you have completed all the steps listed on the US Loans website and submitted your completed cost of attendance (COA) form, they will be able to review and process your loan application. The US Loans Team will contact you if they require any additional information.

To receive the first instalment of your loan in time for the first scheduled payment of Michaelmas Term 2023, your complete application must be received by 8 September 2023 at the latest in order to be processed in time.

If you have any additional questions regarding your fees or payments, please contact the Accounts Manager at accounts.manager@stx.ox.ac.uk

College Accommodation

College Accommodation: - Main Site and Annexe

Application Process

Upon receiving your application form, the Accommodation Office will inform you if you have been successful in obtaining a College room, and if you would like to go ahead, you will be sent your Room Deposit Invoice of £550 or £800 (couples). Please note that your Deposit Payment must be made within 14 days and if payment is not received by this date your room will be re-allocated.

On confirmation of your Financial Declaration being approved by the Bursar and your offer being updated to Unconditional, you will be sent your Tenancy Agreement, which must be signed / dated and returned within 14 days.

You will also receive your Accommodation Invoice, which will detail the payment instalment dates for the length of your tenancy. The first rental payment is due by Monday 11 September 2023.

University Nominated Accommodation: - 14 &15 Wellington Square and 2 Bradmore Rd

Application Process

Upon receiving your application form, the College Accommodation Office will inform you if you have been successful in obtaining a nominated room.

On confirmation of your Financial Declaration being approved by the Bursar and your offer being updated to Unconditional, your details will be sent to the Graduate Accommodation Office who will be in contact with you to arrange things further.

Room Deposit

This is refundable to you at the end of the Tenancy Period, less the cost of any lost keys/fobs, damage or loss sustained to the room, which the College deems, may not be reasonably attributable to wear and tear, and any proportion of communal loss or damage for which the College deems you liable.

The College will also charge for the loss or damage in shared areas of the residence, which the College deems, was not reasonably attributable to wear and tear and for which no individual(s) is found responsible.

If you fail to meet the conditions of your offer (either academic or financial), or if you defer your place, withdraw or suspend your status then the College will refund your deposit in full.

The College pays insurance to cover your personal possessions whilst in College Accommodation.

For further insurance information, contact the Accommodation Office.

When you have returned your Tenancy Agreement together with your Room Rental Deposit, you accept the room and agree to pay rent for the full tenancy period.

If you have any additional questions regarding accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Officer at accommodation@stx.ox.ac.uk

College Key(Fob) Deposit

All students will be invoiced for a £25.00 key (fob) deposit prior to arrival and this must be paid no later than 6 October 2023.

How to pay

How to Pay


St Cross College has partnered with Flywire to provide a simple and cost effective service to make your payments whether you are an International or UK student. Please access the following URL: https://stcross.flywire.com/

Flywire offers several facilities:

  • Convenient payment options from over 240 countries and territories, in more than 150 currencies.
  • Supports a variety of local payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more.
  • Provides real-time payment tracking through email, in-app and text alerts.
  • 24x7 multilingual support via email, phone or live chat.
  • Internal controls ensure that funds are secure and protected against fraud

Payment by other methods:

If you do not wish to use Flywire, payment may be made directly into the College Bank Account:

Barclays Bank plc, Account No: 50889199, Sort Code: 20-65-46

Account Name: University of Oxford St Cross


IBAN: GB14BARC20654650889199

The College must receive payment in GBP and associated bank charges for overseas transfers which are subject to exchange rate variations must be paid by the Remitter so that the College receives payment in full.

Please state ‘Remitter to pay all bank charges ‘in the instruction to your bank.

Please click here for a PDF version of the payment leaflet for 2023/24.