Student Representative Committee (SRC)

Elections for Representatives to the Student Representative Committee are held twice a year.

The following positions are open for election in Michaelmas Term 2021:

  • Secretary
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Representative
  • Disabilities Representative
  • Family & Communities Representative


In order to stand for a position, you should:

  • Find two current St Cross students who are willing to nominate you.
  • Write a manifesto (max. 250 words).
  • Email your manifesto to the President of the Common Room at and CC your two nominators.
  • Your two nominators should reply to your email and confirm with the President of the Common Room that they are nominating you.


Please be advised that any student may only stand for one position and may only hold one position at any given time. Nominations will close on Friday 21 January 2022 with elections opening the following week.


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Student President

The President of the Student Association shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Student Association and shall coordinate the work of its officers and representatives. They shall chair meetings of the Student Association and the Student Representative Committee, shall serve as the chief liaison between the Student Association and Governing Body and other committees and officers of the College, shall execute the mandates of the Student Association and the Student Representative Committee, and shall exercise all other powers granted to them by the Constitution and these By-laws.

Student Vice-President

The Vice-President shall be prepared to assume the duties of the President whenever they are temporarily unable to discharge their office. The Vice-President shall also be responsible for the overall organisation of annual Freshers' Week events to orientate new students to the College and to Oxford.


The Secretary shall prepare and publish accurate minutes of all Common Room Committee and Student Representative Committee meetings, as well as of all Common Room and Student Association meetings. They shall maintain copies of the Constitution and these By-laws as specified in these By-laws.


The Treasurer shall maintain and oversee the accounts of the Common Room and the Student Association, maintain an accurate inventory of Common Room property, prepare the annual budget of the Student Representative Committee in accordance with the Constitution, work closely with other members of the Student Representative Committee in the disbursement of monies, and sit on the College Finance Committee.

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary shall be responsible for the planning and execution of social events within the College. These shall include, but not be limited to, bops (up to three per term), exchange dinners, events during Freshers' Week, and other social events throughout the year. The most time-consuming event for the social secretary shall be the Summer Ball. The social secretary shall chair a working committee on planning, organizing and executing the event. The social secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that all of the requirements of the College's Bop, Ball, and Summer Party Rules are fulfilled and that the Summer Ball operates in such a manner as to provide the maximum entertainment for members of the college but does not jeopardise the Student Representative Committee's budget.

Welfare Representatives

The Welfare Representatives shall represent the views of junior members at the College’s Welfare and Equality Committees. They shall be responsible for recruiting junior sponsors and assigning them to incoming students and for those arrangements in Freshers’ Week related to the general welfare of new members, in conjunction with the Vice-President and the Bursar. The Welfare Representatives shall make themselves available to junior members for consultation and advice on welfare issues.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Representative

The Environmental, Health, and Safety representative shall represent the views of junior members at the College's annual Health and Safety Advisory Committee and shall help to convey important information obtained at that meeting and through the College Administration to junior members. They shall also be responsible for recruiting students to work as health and safety representatives at all events for junior members to ensure the safety of participants. They shall act to promote environmental issues, both local and global, with the main aim of raising environmental awareness at St Cross. They shall also promote relevant events and organise, publicise, and implement the College recycling scheme.

Arts Representative

The Arts Representative shall be responsible for issues relating to initiatives relating to arts in the College. They shall attend meetings of the College Arts Committee. They shall further be responsible for initiating, maintaining, or changing arts programs such as the display of student art in the College bar.

External Relations Representative

The External Affairs Representative shall be responsible for representing the Student Association to bodies external to the College. They shall automatically become a member of any representative body to which the Student Association may be affiliated, subject to the internal procedures of any such body.

Sports and Societies Representative

The Sports & Societies Representative shall be responsible for convening a committee of the President of Common Room, the President of the Student Association and themselves to approve requests for sports subsidies. They shall further serve as a point of contact with students representing the College in sport and shall organize sporting and recreational activities in College. They shall serve as a point of contact for any member of college wishing to establish a College society, and shall act to ensure the operation of such societies within the codes of conduct established by the Common Room Committee.

Careers Representative

The Careers Representative shall liaise with the Oxford University Careers Service to provide junior members with information about careers events taking place within the University.

LGBTQ Representative

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Representative shall be responsible for representing the interests of the College’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students; for providing welfare advice and provision; and for organising social events with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

Family and Community Representative

Contact the Community Representative if you have any suggestions for family and community events.

Ball Chair

The Ball Chair organises the annual College Ball.


The SRC By-Laws can be downloaded from Weblearn here (requires SSO login).