IT Rules and Regulations

The College reserves the right to monitor (and restrict in some cases) the use of its network by any device in order to detect potential misuse or breach of its IT rules and regulations. This includes personally owned devices in public spaces and/or private rooms on all the College sites.

The College Rules for Computer Use are published on the College website:

These rules apply to all use of the computing and network equipment in all St Cross College buildings and they specify what is considered to be unacceptable behaviour and misuse, as well as what may infringe licence terms or may otherwise be illegal. Members of College should note that in addition to the IT Rules and Regulations for St Cross College, they are also subject to the University’s rules governing the use of IT as detailed at the following webpages:

The online version of all the above documents should be considered the most up-to-date and authoritative.

The College provides Internet access (via EduRoam and OWL) to all Members (who hold a current University Card) for academic purposes, free of charge, in all areas of the College, including student bedrooms.

We expect all students to bring a suitable device with them to College – all operating systems and software should be up to date with all the latest security patches and updates, etc installed. Please read the University's guide to IT equipment which should help you.


The College uses a system called PaperCut for printing. Please find a user guide here. Printing is free, but please consider the environment before printing and try to only print what you need to, and print double-sided and in black and white where possible.


If you need any IT assistance, please contact the St Cross IT team via email at