Dr Paloma García-Bellido

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MA PhD Madrid, MA Oxf, MA Texas


Dr Paloma García-Bellido

Emeritus Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Faculty of Modern Languages

Emeritus Fellow; Harassment Adviser



My interest in exploring model theoretical predictions for language comprehension and production led me, after graduation, to visit, teach and work in some of the most thriving linguistics departments of the United States (Austin, Amherst). I benefited from a Fulbright scholarship during all this period of academic development. I was then appointed Assistant Professor in the department of Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin.

My research in these overseas universities concentrated on testing the predictions of representational theories which were using a nonlinear approach for sequencing linguistic elements. Seeking to teach these new methods of analysis in Spanish universities, I was appointed University professor at the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid, Spain where I developed nonlinear representations for phonological dependencies (metrical models).

Since 1990 I taught in Oxford. I have been working on a recursive representation for the sequencing of articulations based on binary and ternary dependencies.