Your 2023 Digital Freshers’ Pack


Maps and guides

Map of city centre and science area

Cherwell (student newspaper)

The Oxford Student (student newspaper)

Daily info (guide to what's on in Oxford) and their Freshers' Guide

Explore Oxford guide and map

Oxford University's gardens, libraries and museums

Map of St Cross College main site

Oxford Libraries - Map and Guide

Clubs and Societies

Student clubs across the University

Oxford newcomers' club (for partners of Oxford students)

Oxford Union Society (debating society)

Oxford Student Union


St Cross Sports and Societies (including the info on the College Boat Club)

Library Information

Bodleian Guide for disabled readers

St Cross Library information


Gown hire and purchase for formal events

Blackwell's Bookshop

Ashmolean Museum Guide

Natural History Museum Guide

Oxford Walking Tours



To help keep you updated about what’s going on in College you’ll receive a bi-weekly College Bulletin from the College Communications team. Please do take a moment to read these as they will let you know what’s going on. Life at Oxford offers so many extraordinary opportunities, and this bulletin is a tool to keep track--and take advantage of--so many great events. You will receive this automatically. You may also want to join our College social media groups: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.